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Clouds of  Heaven

Beings of Light



How does one describe the indescribable?  With trust, the words will come to paint a faint image of that which lives and dwells in us all.  This is a true story of a blessed life that through a series of events went to a dark place of abusive relationships and drug addiction, until one night while sitting in a car, Sharon Kay Casey's path changed forever, when she heard God’s voice say, “Trust me."


 ” A few years later she entered a place of golden light."


 “When stillness comes flowing over like a well springing from the depths of our being…  We see your face, faint at first then brilliantly shining with many lights brighter than the sun itself.  We witness the universe moving within you, swirling slowly, then like a spiraling vortex with lights of many colors like precious stones of unspeakable brilliance.  Within your being, surely all the heavens dwell.  Beams of lightning extend from your head and we your Children of Light stand in awe and wonder.”


"Truly our lives are not our own." 

Sharon Casey’s book, ‘Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light', takes us on a Spirit Journey.  She shares her process of ‘living with ’satan’” to eventually living as an extension of God’s Love.  As with so many spiritual paths, with willingness, and letting go completely, ’severe suffering’ can be altered.  Sharon takes us on her Awakening Path. … With a history of “abuse” and working as a big rig, ‘feed hauler’, her story is fascinating.  And through “her story,” she paints a process that allows the reader to access their Own Awakening Voice.  As a Course in Miracle teacher/student, I appreciate when others Share ’the process’ of Awakening.  As diverse as humans are… we still can Hear Truth in another’s ‘Healed” story…and learn from their journey while we access our own ‘Listening for God’s Voice’… This Voice, Sharon shares so Beauty Fully in ‘Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light’

Dr. B. Calico-Hickey, D.C.





“The author unveils her own spiritual journey in Clouds of Heaven: Beings of Light, giving witness to the transforming presence of the divine in human consciousness.  Sharon Casey opens a doorway of hope and possibility for many."


          ~Nancy Clark, international award-winning author, Hear His Voice: The Light’s Message for Humanity, and Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences.






Sharon Casey, in her book, Clouds of Heaven, Beings of Light, shares her journey of self-discovery that can accelerate the one we are all on.  It’s an emotional roller coaster with feelings that can take the reader to tears of relief and joy.  The information provided is practical and can be immediately applied in one’s own journey.  It will help readers to more fully comprehend who they are in relationship to the world and what reality is, and the news is better than you may have thought.  Miracles are natural, and this book will help you become miracle ready.  I highly recommend it.


Dear Sharon,

I feel this book will be very helpful to many.  I enjoyed reading it and rereading it.  The tears referred to in the endorsement were based on my experience.  Your shared experience will indeed help many get more in touch with their own joy, which of course is the joy of all as we are one.  For those who are in the low point of life it will be very uplifting.

Vernon M. Sylvest, M.D. Author of:

 The End of Fear The Path to Freedom 




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